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Jadidi, M and Taherian, A.A and Mahdinejad, M and Hejazi, P (2016) Turmeric extract decreased frequency of polychromatic erythrocytes micronuclei induced by iodine-131. Iranian Journal of Radiation Research. pp. 47-50.

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    Background: Ionizing radia�on irradiated from iodine-131 can induce DNA damage and cell death. The cellular DNA damage is the cause of muta�on and cancer. The micronucleus assay in polychroma�c erythrocytes was applied to assess the radio-protec�ve effect of Turmeric extract on genotoxic poten�al of iodine therapy. Materials and Methods: Thirty six male albino rats were randomly divided in six groups. A single dose (200 or 500 mg/kg) of Turmeric extract was injected to the rats 30 min before iodine therapy. Iodine-131 (5.55 MBq) was administrated intra peritoneal to the experimental animals. The percentage of micronuclei in PCE, NCE and ra�o of PCE / (PCE + NCE) was determined 48 h a6er iodine injec�on for each experimental group to assess iodine-131 radia�on effects with or without Turmeric extract. Results: Iodine therapy showed a significant increase in the number of micronucleus forma�on. The animals treated with different doses of Turmeric extract + iodine showed a significant reduc�on in the frequency of micronucleus compared to the animals treated with iodine-131 alone. Both doses of Turmeric extract had the same effect when injected 30 min prior to iodine therapy. Conclusion: Our results indicate protec�ve effect of Turmeric extract against gene�c damages induced by iodine-131 administra�on. Keywords: Turmeric, iodine-131, micronucleus.

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